First blog post on the blog!

This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to my blog! let’s talk about my poptropica and why I came here.

I started off in 2012 playing a game called poptropica. I never knew what it was until my class started obsessing over it. We were always bragging about membership and who completed the most islands like any other student at my school. It got pretty annoying so I quit poptropica for a while.In 2013 the poptropolis games made a comeback, and my tribe won first place! I started playing poptropica a little bit more that year, but then quit again. To make this story short,let’s jump to 2015. In September 2015, I gained interest into poptropica once again.While I was playing, I came across a website called the “Poptropica Help Blog” after reading one post, I instantly fell in love with the site! They were so helpful and nice! so in present day 2016, I started a you tube channel:

Then I was so inspired that I Started my first wordpress account! Thanks to the PHB and support, I am who I am today! Cool Berry!



Author: pinktiara13

Poptropica Fashion and Beauty guru

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